Elterwater and Chapel Stile

Distance: 5 miles (8 km)   Time: 2¼ - 3 hours

Route Description:

Turn left out of the gate and walk down the road for about half a mile. Take the second track on the right signposted to Baysbrown. Follow the path across the valley and cross the bridge over Great Langdale Beck. The path alongside the beck is the one you'll return on later, but for now carry on to Oak Howe and bear left on the path signed to Chapel Stile.
Follow the track through the woods, which becomes tarmac after Baysbrown farm, eventually leading downhill to join the road at the Eltermere Inn. Turn left and walk over the bridge into Elterwater.
On leaving recross the bridge and turn right onto quarry road besides the river. Turn right at a large cave onto a path signed to Chapel Stile and follow down to the river. Cross the bridge to Chapel Stile close to the Wainwright Inn.
When leaving the village take the path to Baysbrown campsite near the Wainwright or about ¼ mile further up the road. Emerge onto open ground at the campsite and walk through the middle of the valley with superb views. Turn right at the bridge near Oak Howe and retrace earlier steps back across the valley to the road.

Route Photos:

The barn at Oak Howe from the path across the valley.

The Britannia Inn at Elterwater.

Great Langdale Beck at Chapel Stile.

Returning through the valley a view of the Langdale Pikes ahead.